I Enjoy Being a Girl

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve posted but, darnit, the Portland Swap Meet tuckered us out! We’ve regrouped, though, and are getting back in the swing of things. And, since so much of our recent activity has centered around more manly pursuits, we thought we’d throw in something special for the ladies!

We’ve been lucky enough lately to score some really fantastic vintage clothing and accessory pieces and, since prom season is right on top of us, what better time to feature some beautiful accessories for the teen girl who loves vintage? But, really, even if you’re not going to a prom or even close to an age that you would be going to a prom, these gems are sure to please.

Photo of a vintage black karakul sheep cape on a dress form.First are a couple of vintage karakul sheep pieces. Karakul sheep is also known as Persian lamb or curly lamb and is characterized by a tight curly hair that is usually black or very dark in color. The process for acquiring the pieces to make garments or hats from the karakul is not a kind one and, thus, finding genuine karakul is generally unheard of these days. If these weren’t vintage pieces, we certainly wouldn’t be advocating for the purchase or wear of such a garment. However, these particular pieces are from the 1950’s and come from an era when the the practice was more commonplace.

Photo of a vintage black karakul sheep wrap on a dress form.In any case, we found these pieces as part of a small sale out of storage unit! They are both in remarkably fantastic condition. One is a collared cape with hook closures down the front and the other is a wrap that features pockets on the front. Hurray for pockets! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about! Both pieces are fully lined, too! The cape lining definitely shows wear at the collar and it’s clear it’s been repaired, but, when worn, it doesn’t show at all. The wrap, however, is in excellent condition. It’s amazing they have withstood the test of time as they have. And, while vintage pieces, they are timeless enough to wear today and still look outstanding with nearly any outfit!

Photo of a vintage white hand beaded hand bag with a gold handle.Next, we happened upon two stunning hand beaded handbags. Well, one handbag and one clutch to be exact. The black clutch was made in West Germany and the white handbag was made in British Hong Kong. Both are 50s era and, like the pieces already mentioned, have aged beautifully. Neither shows signs of missing beads or trauma of any kind, which is amazing as we found them buried at the bottom of a cardboard box at an estate sale in a house that looked like it was about to fall over any minute! But, really, these two pieces are just lovely. If you’ve ever done any beading, you know how tedious the work can be. Looking at the detail, especially on the black clutch, I can only imagine the care that went into making these two! Certainly both are special pieces. Can you imagine what venues they may have seen? Cocktail parties, the opera or theater, special formal nights out. The white handbag would be a fantastic edition to a bridal ensemble, too!


Alas, as beautiful as all these pieces are, keeping them would be selfish. They really do belong in the hands of someone who has just the right occasion for their use. If YOU are that person, hop on over to our Facebook page and click on the Shop Now button where you can purchase them. But, if you do, be sure to send us a picture!