Rusteration – A Love Story, part 4

Putting a masterpiece back together after it has fallen into disrepair is really kind of a beautiful thing to witness. As all the pieces fall back into place and the luster of what once was returns, it’s almost like there’s a new energy in the room.

Photo of vintage Bowser gasoline pump in the midst of restoration.So it was with putting this old man back together. It’s been mentioned before in parts one and two of this series that Mark is something of a “whisperer.” From the very beginning, he knew this guy had a story to tell. His patience and care in bringing this pump back to life is now written into every turn of every bolt that holds it together.
Photograph of a side view of a restored vintage Bowser gasoline pump.
As faceplates and glass were installed, as panels and doors were attached, it was if the old man was slowly regaining his life. Images of where he may have once stood and the customers who he served over the years began to dance in the air. And, with the lighting of the new globe that sits atop his sturdy metal frame, it was if he finally exhaled and came into his own once more. He may not ever pump gasoline again, but, if you listen carefully, you can almost hear him breathe, “Let me tell you a story about the old days.”

Mark did a remarkable job (and in a very short time frame, too!) in giving this old pump new life. The sharp contrast of deep black, vivid yellow, and bright white are enough to draw you in, but just light this guy up and he’s the center of attention!

Before and after photo of a restored vintage Bowser gasoline pump.


We’re very proud of the work that’s been done but we have only been his caretakers for a time. Now it’s time to find him a new home. If you’re interested in being that home, head over to our store for more details. And, if he hasn’t found a new home yet, we’ll have him with us at the Portland Swap Meet, April 7th-9th, at the Portland Expo Center. Come by “Hell’s Corner” (booth #s 6140, 6141, and 6156 just outside the D Building) and see him for yourself! We’d love to say “hi” and introduce you!

Photo of a restored vintage Bowser gasoline pump.


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Lyk-Nu…After All These Years

It was the 1940’s and, if you really wanted to treat your ride to the newest 2 in 1 product, you looked to Lyk-Nu Kote-O-Wax! Not only did it clean and wax your car in one easy application, it now came in colors to match your car!

Close up photo of a vintage Lyk-Nu Kote-O-Wax countertop display advertisement.

On a trip to our friend Jim’s salvage yard in Colorado, we were dig, dig, digging in a large cardboard box that was sitting on a pallet outside. We pulled a lot out that was truly just junk but, when we pulled out one particular manila envelope, it simply fell apart in our hands. What we found inside was a matching set of original countertop easel advertisements for Lyk-Nu Kote-O-Wax!

Photo of vintage 1940s Lyk-Nu Kote-O-Wax countertop display advertisement.Even better, they were in near pristine condition with the easels never broken out! Amazingly, the colors were still vibrant and they were remarkably well preserved. Our eyes nearly popped out of heads and we instantly knew they were coming home with us!

Of course, we kept one for ourselves (who wouldn’t?) but we’re passing the other along! This beauty measures 24″ high and 11″ wide. Has a bit of what appears to be water staining in the right corner and a small tear on the right side but, really, it’s a beauty!

Check out the product listing on our Facebook shop for more photos and purchasing details!