We spent the day at the beach yesterday and, of course, we had to poke around in the local antique stores as well as a flea market we happened upon on the way! Duh!

Just like tide pools at low tide, you never know what you’re going to find! The flea market yielded a few goodies for our home – a couple of new spice tins for the vintage spice rack and a Quaker Oats tin that has become the new home for our large utensils.

Photo of three vintage clocks sitting side by side.The antique stores in town yielded decidedly larger (and more costly) items. We found a never ending supply of glass fishing floats of all sizes, plenty of maritime antiques, dishes, linens, antique hardware, and even the bones of a covered wagon! There were a surprising number of beautiful vintage clocks of all kinds that Karen was quite enchanted with, too!

Photo of antique canopy bed frame, settee, dresser, chair, and amiore.But the furniture! Wow! We saw some really amazing antique pieces! Just check out these pieces! This beautiful wood double canopy bed frame and lace canopy was to in amazing condition and, if we had space in our own home or a buyer to pass it on to, we certainly would have picked it up. The dresser and mirrored door amoire behind it were stunners, too!

Finally, we did make one larger purchase and will return to bring it home shortly. This beauty was sitting just inside the door of a store we stopped in and both our jaws hit the floor when we saw it.

Honestly, the shop was closing soon after we got there so we didn’t purchase it at that time. We couldn’t stop talking about it over dinner, though, or even on the way home. Mark called the store this morning and spoke with the gentleman that owns it and put a deposit on it over the phone.

We haven’t decided yet if we’re going to keep her or pass her on to someone else but she’s a real looker! It’s hard to even decide if she should be restored or left as is. The patina on her is extraordinary!

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day. It was a beautiful spring day on the Oregon Coast, we got to experience sea spray on our faces, indulged in the obligatory clam chowder and fish and chips, and, like almost all of our treasure hunting excursions, we found creepy dolls. It’s just not a treasure hunt without creepy dolls.

Photo of two creepy dolls.