Memory Lane

Lane furniture. For some of us, just the name brings to mind quality. Many girls longed for the day when they would be gifted a Lane hope chest, but Lane was known for far more than just that. American made craftsmanship, quality materials, and outright beautiful pieces of furniture were the hallmark of the Altavista, Virgina, manufacturing plant in the sixties.

From 1912 to 1951, the Lane Company was known only for those popular cedar chests. In the fifties, Lane expanded to occasional tables and case goods with accent pieces making their debut in 1965.  And, man, what a splash those pieces made!Image of a page from the Lane Acclaim Series catalog from the mid 1960's.
Lane became a fixture in mid century modern furnishings in America. The Acclaim series was especially popular, appealing to both the traditional and modern senses. Not only did it feature the standard coffee tables and end tables but also buffets, desks, dressers, chairs, and even a snack cart! In fact, one product catalog shows 44 different pieces!

Fast forward nearly 40 years from accent pieces making their debut with Lane, and these two beauties came into Karen’s possession. They had been left behind by a renter that she also acquired when she and her then husband purchased a home. When he moved, the renter indicated that the tables had been there when he moved in and weren’t his so he just left them. Over the years, they were used by other renters and, really, their condition showed it. Still, they were sturdy and their structural integrity stood strong.

Photo of a restored Lane Acclaim Series end table.After sitting in storage for years, Karen’s parents, bless them, took on the task of refinishing the tables. Wow! The end result was (and still is) glorious! No wonder these pieces were popular! Made of walnut and ash, the dovetail finishing is just exquisite.

Only the top 35% grade of walnut on the market is considered for this furniture. Then, out of 100 feet purchased, only 40 feet will meet Lane’s exacting requirements for grain and color. This fine wood is then finished with a mellow gunstock patina, enriched in character with dovetail inlays. -Lane Acclaim Series Catalog

Now, more than 50 years old, this gorgeous pair is awaiting a new home. If you think your home is that place, head over to our shop and seal the deal!

Photo of pair of restored Lane Acclaim Series end tables.