Stepping out in faith is something the couple behind Faith, Rust & Dust is familiar with. Each found themselves single after decades long marriages and were faced with starting over at a later stage in life.
“It’s never something you plan for,” says Karen. “You don’t stand on the playground as a kid and say, ‘I hope, when I grow up, my marriage falls apart, and I’ll be starting over at nearly 50.’ It just doesn’t happen that way.”

Mark echoes her sentiment. “You do a lot of asking yourself, ‘What now?'”
mark 2
Part of the “what now” involved pursuing more of what truly delighted them, which, in part, was each other. Together, they found themselves getting lost trying to find estate sales, picking through flea markets and swap meets, and exploring abandoned spaces in search of treasures. Both have fostered a love for antiques and vintage items for most of their lives, and they quickly found they had a knack for ferreting out pieces they knew would be desirable to more than just themselves.

The question then turned from “what now?” to “what if?” and Faith, Rust & Dust was born!

And the name? “I’ve always loved Peter Pan,” says Karen. “The idea that all it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust to make some magic happen has always inspired me. As a lifelong car guy, Mark is our “rust”; and, as the one digging through attics and back rooms, I’ve got the “dust” covered (or maybe it’s the dust that’s covering me?). Together, we’re stepping out in faith with this and are ready to make some magic happen.”