Rusteration – A Love Story, part 2

Once the Bowser was in the garage, we were able to do a little more assessing of its condition. As noted in part one of this story, Mark began whispering to the old guy, and we weren’t disappointed in his reply.

Piece by piece, the old man was taken down to a mere skeleton of his former self. Doors, top, and side panels were carefully removed and set aside, electrical was disconnected (well, the cut wires at the base had already rendered it disconnected!), and the cleaning began. And, fortunately, all the parts that were supposed to move did! Even more fortunate was that the parts that weren’t supposed to move didn’t!

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This is when the dreaming began, too. We knew we wanted to have the exterior powder coated but what color scheme? We knew we needed to purchase a globe for the top but what kind? There was much discussion and looking online at examples of other pumps and a decision was made. Off to the powdercoater his pieces went while we hunted down the appropriate globe, face plates, etc!

What did we decide to go with? You’ll have to tune in to part three in our series!

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