Rusteration – A Love Story, part 1

Several months ago, we were fortunate enough to come upon a small cache of gas pumps just waiting for someone to scoop them up and breathe life back into them. This is one of their stories…

This vintage Bowser gas pump had certainly seen better days. When we found it, it had been sitting outside uncovered and completely exposed to the elements for countless months (years?). The old guy whose farm we found it and three others on wasn’t so much interested in selling them at that time.

Photo of 4 salvaged vintage gas pumps loaded in the back of a pickup truck.

Coming home…the Bowser in question is the second to the left.

“I’m going to restore them,” he told us, “after I get rid of all this stuff!”

We looked around. There was a lot of stuff. A LOT of stuff.

Six months later we returned. There was still a lot of stuff. In fact, there was MORE stuff! And, so, we inquired about the pumps again and he made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. Thus, the Bowser and its comrades came to be in our possession.

Photo of doors from salvaged vintage Bowser gas pump.He was rough, for sure, but he had good bones and, like many other items manufactured well over 50 years ago, he had stood the test of time remarkably well considering his outward appearance. All that was left to do was determine if his moving parts would still move!

Enter the Gas Pump Whisperer aka Mark. Truth be told, the man can whisper at just about anything old and he seems to have an ear for hearing the response. And, as expected, this old guy breathed out a reply…

Stay tuned to hear more of his story!

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